About Us

INDIAN PARANORMAL SOCIETY (IPS) was founded by Rev. Gaurav Tiwari in 2009. The IPS team has been a pioneer in metaphysical/anomalous research around the globe, especially in India.

The team focuses on subjects like Metaphysics, Quantum Mechanics and Psychology concerning paranormal studies/research. The collective gained enormous popularity in the field of Paranormal Research because of the investigations and cases that they handled by travelling to different parts of the country.

IPS aims to shun myths/superstitions by logical evaluation, critical thinking and applying principles of forensic science. The team helped thousands of people/enthusiasts to get rid of their “Fear of the unknown” by spreading awareness about this field as Rev Tiwari always said, “Knowledge cancels Fear”.


About our founder

Ghosts were Humans too!!


Rev. Gaurav Tiwari (2 September 1984 – 7 July 2016) is the CEO and Founder of Indian Paranormal Society, Director of GRIP (Ghost Research and Investigators of the Paranormal) Academy.

He featured on different television shows in India, promoting paranormal/metaphysical research at the same time ensuring that the element of entertainment isn’t lost. He was featured in MTV’s Girl’s Night Out with Rannvijay, Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone and various other shows. His stints were also seen on different News channels such as Aaj Tak, Live India, News 24, Star TV, Zee News, IBN7 etc. He was also seen on Zee TV’s Fear Files as a paranormal researcher/expert. 

He was a Certified Lead Paranormal Investigator (CLPI) and a ParaNexus representative in India. His other accolades included, Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI), Certified UFO Field Investigator (CUFI), Bachelor of Metaphysical Humanistic Science (MHS.B), Ordained Minister (Revered) from Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science (MCHS), Florida, Certified Hypnotist / Past Life Regression Practioner (MCHS), Spiritual counsellor, Life/Relationship Coach from Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science (IMHS) and an author. All this was possible because of his guru Dr Doug Kelley, Founder and President of The ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association, Inc. Rev. Tiwari has been on famous International Paranormal Radio Shows. He earned an international reputation for himself and his team after busting the myth of Bhangarh and for his work in establishing India’s first Scientific Paranormal Research Team.

Rev. Tiwari featured as an investigator/researcher on SyFy Australia’s reality paranormal series called Haunting: Australia alongside Robb Demarest (Lead Investigator on the show Ghost Hunters International/paranormal researcher) Allen Tiller (Founder of Eidolon Paranormal Team, a paranormal historian, author), Rayleen Kable (Celebrity medium/clairvoyant/paranormal investigator), Ian Lawman (Celebrity psychic/medium/ paranormal investigator) and Ray Jordan (Celebrity TV Presenter and Ghost Hunter). He was also featured as an expert in Sony TV’s fictional paranormal series called Bhoot Aaya. Episodes in this series were adaptations of his real-life investigations.

Notable performances of Rev. Gaurav Tiwari are:

– 11 episodes of MTV Girls Night Out

– 21 episodes of Sony TV’s Bhoot Aaya

– 5 episodes of ZEE TV’s Fear Files

– 8 episodes of SyFy Australia’s Haunting: Australia

– 1 episode of MTV He Ticket

Rev. Gaurav Tiwari was the first person in India to organize a professional Ghost Tour back in 2012. This was executed in collaboration with a leading Delhi based tour operator which attracted a lot of media attention. Through his research, blogs, international TV and radio shows, he educated people about paranormal research and spread awareness to curb irrational fear and superstitions which are deeply rooted in the society. After his international debut in Haunting: Australia, his fan base (paranormal enthusiasts) extend from India to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany etc. He was one of the most fearless researchers out there who would go to any extent to unveil the truth behind claims of hauntings and anomalous activities.

Rev. Gaurav Tiwari belonged to a traditional Hindu Family. He was an avid fan of the movie industry (Bollywood) in India and wanted to be an established actor. After trying his hand at acting, he grabbed 3 movies for himself. His interest gradually shifted from acting to becoming a commercial pilot. He decided to visit the USA to train to become a Commercial Pilot. He completed the training program and was presented with a Commercial Pilot License. During his stay in Florida (with his batchmates from the flying school in a rental apartment), he experienced things to which he did not have an explanation. He neither believed in ghosts nor was aware of the paranormal. However, those experiences are what made him research on this topic and later join Paranexus Anomalous Research Association to earn his degrees in metaphysical/paranormal research. 

After returning to India in 2009, he founded the Indian Paranormal Society. His research/investigations were all over the NEWS Channels which caught the attention of rationalists and critics who disapproved his work. However, he did not fall back and continued his journey in this field. In 2010, he was featured on MTV’s Girls Night out alongside celebrity anchor/actor/VJ Rannvijay Singha. This show was awarded as the Best Reality Show at the Asian Television Awards (Singapore) in 2011. During this period, he was flooded with a lot of requests from people who wanted to join him in the mission to understand metaphysical/paranormal research. Looking at the response, he started GRIP (Ghost Research and Investigators of the Paranormal) Academy which offered different courses on metaphysics and paranormal research. This led to an influx of new entrants in the IPS team. 

IPS had members right from Kolkata to Bangalore and the network of investigators was exponentially increasing. Along with certified investigators, there were people/students from different professions/streams who joined the team as volunteers and assisted Rev. Tiwari in filming videos/content, marketing his website/courses, creating a brand for himself, organizing events to spread awareness and a lot more. The IPS family was ever-growing and Rev. Tiwari’s vision of creating a diversified team of paranormal researchers across India seemed to be manifesting. 


     What Indian Paranormal Society stands for:-


  1. Our main goal is to research and bring forward the real facts, to eliminate superstitions and fear from the common people so that they no longer have to get entrapped by charlatans/self-acclaimed experts.
  2. Indian Paranormal Society is a professional association of dedicated Paranormal Investigators, Researchers and Enthusiasts focused on researching and understanding the human condition through the scientific study of aerial, psychical and anomalous phenomena, its reality and its impact on humanity. This is a place for serious anomalous researchers covering all forms of anomalous phenomena.
  3. G.R.I.P. (Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal) is a team of trained Paranormal Investigators who investigate and research at haunted places scientifically to know what exactly makes the place scary and haunted. GRIP comes under Indian Paranormal society.
  4. Indian Paranormal society (GRIP) helps News channels and Film industry to reflect correct thoughts and incidents related to the paranormal to spread awareness in people.


  What Indian Paranormal Society stands against:-


  1. Indian Paranormal society or GRIP members don’t spread or circulate rumours/urban myths about locations being haunted by spirits/ghosts/energies, etc.


  2. Indian Paranormal Society or GRIP members don’t encourage trespassing or wandering off in unknown locations under the pretext of investigation. We ensure to take proper permissions and visit locations for research purpose.


  3. We are against the ideology of negative energies (demons or anything that is believed to inflict harm or a potential threat to human life).


  4. We are against targeting or calling out individuals, groups, societies or teams for malpractice, without any proof or purpose, unless we have strong evidence of the group, individual, society, team engaging in malpractices or if their actions can cause harm to the paranormal research field. 


 Our Mission 


To find more about the Universe, Ourselves, Life and the Human condition by ethically investigating paranormal events using the pure scientific method.


                    Our Vision


We endeavour to help individuals who are experiencing inexplicable events by identifying and bringing forth plausible factors/reasons behind these events through interviews, investigation and education.


               Our Approach


Evidence suggests strongly that something exists in this world beyond our comprehension. We approach the investigation of paranormal activity of any kind from the position of trying to explain it scientifically (natural cause) first. We strive to prove that the claimed activity is caused by explainable events and whatever cannot be explained or beyond our comprehension is Paranormal. We maintain a healthy scepticism. Truth exists. Only falsehood must be fabricated. We blend the scientific approach with the spiritual approach in seeking to discover the truth.


                   Our Values


We believe in professionalism during our investigations. We respect both the client and the client’s property and will always conduct ourselves professionally and courteously. We respect our team members and their individuality. We respect and cooperate with other paranormal investigation groups. We believe in ethical research and will strive to find answers and draw conclusions honestly and without fabrication. We take pride in who we are and safeguard our reputation in the paranormal field.