Sushant Singh Rajput

Why Indian Paranormal Society is not investigating Sushant Singh Rajput Passing?

**Official statement regarding the current Sushant Singh Rajputsituation involving Mr Sushant Singh Rajput**

We know that it’s a tough time for all because of the events which took place in the past few days. We would especially like to address the situation revolving around Sushant Singh Rajput in context to our team being asked/requested by his fans and supporters to reveal details of the events that took place by conducting a Paranormal Investigation.

To explain our thoughts on this matter, we wish to highlight 3 very important points.

1) The legal side of things – This situation is being looked into by the Police and other authorities. We as a paranormal research team cannot intervene as we are not permitted by the law. Please note, an evidence that we document during an investigation or research is not considered as a legal piece of evidence by the court of law.

2) Access to his place – We need access to his place to conduct a paranormal investigation, which at this point of time is not possible. On basis the pictures of his place we would not be able to  assume anything. We do not have the consent of the family or anyone close to him to access the location. Also, we do not intend to attempt or get access to the location as we wish to give his family and friends some space and let them be.

3) Consent of the family – As mentioned above, we do not have the consent of his family members or friends to intervene or help in any way. We do not intend to reach out to them just to appease his fans or supporters as we understand what it means to lose a loved one. We request his fans and supporters to not flood his family members and friends with messages revolving around the situation and let them be until they wish to address the situation.

We truly empathize with anyone who is affected because of this situation. Do understand that it’s important for everyone to respect the family’s space and offer them strength and support to cope with it. Thank You.

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