This course is for people who want to understand Paranormal Research or explore the field out of curiosity. Post completion of the course, one can continue to become paranormal investigators in their own capacity with recognition and learning from Indian Paranormal Society.



– Course completion certificate from Indian Paranormal Society.

–  Knowledge/awareness about this field.


–         Who is a Paranormal Investigator?

–         Scientific and Religious Approach

–         The Nature of Ghosts, Spirits and Haunting

–         Orbs and its relevance in paranormal research

–       Importance of  Electromagnetic field (EMF)

–         Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

–         Tools & Equipment used for paranormal research

–         Performing Investigations

–         How to analyze evidences



  1. Students are required to furnish their correct details at the time of enrolling for this course.

  2.  It is mandatory for all students to send us a scanned copy of any legal document (Govt. Id) before making the payment. They should ensure that their age is 18 or more years of age at the time of enrollment.

  3. Part-payment or EMI is not allowed.

  4. Once the course material is sent to the student via email, there will be no refund provided.

  5. Students cannot distribute course material in an unauthorized way. If found, legal action may be initiated against such individual/s.

  6. Unauthorized payment via stolen debit cards/credit cards/net banking credentials will not be accepted & refunded directly to the payment source.

  7. Any kind of psychological damage (a rare occurrence) due to the course, will not be our responsibility.

  8. During the training period, students shouldn’t investigate any location without approval from IPS, property owner or local governing authorities.

Need Help?


Ans – No paranormal research teams in India offer Govt recognized courses. This field is unregulated and is not recognized by any legal body.

Ans – No, this would be an online/e-module course. Post enrolling for the course, we will be sending the e-module/pdf on your registered email address. You can go through the module and submit the assignment post which you will receive a course completion certificate. If you need any kind of assistance, you can always reach out to us on indianparanormalsociety@gmail.com.

Ans: You can, only if you get recognized and are proven to be a credible investigator. However, it is difficult to establish a fixed source of income. Therefore, we recommend enthusiasts to consider this as their hobby/passion and not make it a full-time profession.

Ans: We are not open for recruitments or enrollments at the time being. However, if we find the candidates interested and passionate about this field, we may consider. Please note, IPS/GRIP does not offer salaries or any kind of financial aid to any of its members. We function as an NGO and all the financial proceedings that we get from different sources are reinvested to purchase equipment or towards any expense that the team incurs.

Ans:  Yes, you can start your own society if you wish to. However, we would recommend you research on the laws of the place where you reside (if you choose to start a registered paranormal team/research society)

Ans: No, that is exclusively for the core members of the Indian Paranormal Society. These members are personally trained by our founder and have faced the media on multiple occasions. Presenting yourself as a researcher when millions of people are watching you requires experience and guidance.

Ans: No, we will not be liable for anything that a student does whilst on the field or in their personal life. IPS will be liable only for their existing core and non-core members. This will only be applicable on the occasion where a task or project is assigned to a member/group by core members of the team.

Ans: Yes, you are free to ask queries about paranormal research during or post-completion of the course. Having said that, we won’t be able to personally visit your place (of choice or residence) and demonstrate a professional investigation. This is something that you would have to learn by reading the material provided and watching our investigations available on YouTube (www.youtube.com/gripindia). As mentioned, we will be there to guide you in whichever way possible.


Send us an email on indianparanormalsociety@gmail.com to know more about the course and enrolment process.