About G.R.I.P Academy

G.R.I.P (Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal)

G.R.I.P. (Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal) Team is the core investigative team of Indian Paranormal Society. All GRIP Investigators are professional, educated, and have gone through a systematic training to learn different aspects of Scientific Anomalous Research; such as – Belief system, client interviewing techniques, myth-busting, handling electronic paranormal research equipment, anomaly documentation through photography, EVP recording, nature of orbs, human empowerment, Meta-Physics, nature of Metaphysics, helping clients resolve haunting and conducting a professional scientific paranormal investigation, and forensic evidence analysis.

G.R.I.P. Academy was established in 2009 to serve as an online training portal for Indian Paranormal Society, where we endeavour to produce India’s best professional anomalous investigators and researchers.

Our training course includes all aspect of the paranormal studies. All our certified investigators are professionals who have shown their skills and knowledge in conducting high-standard scientific paranormal investigations and have scored 95% and above in the assessment conducted by Indian Paranormal Society.

Now a paranormal enthusiast who wants to undergo online training & cancel their “Fear of Unknown” can sign up for the offered course.


* Must be at least 18 years of age.

* Must know English.

* Must have access to the internet.

* No criminal background.

* Must have some source of income. We do not offer salaries or any form of financial aid.

* Positive attitude towards life, a logical brain, self-confidence and a kind heart.