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Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator

Who are we?

Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator

Now that Supernatural is coming to an end, (and I am extremely sad because for the past 15 years the #spnfamily became a part of me. We laughed and cried with Dean and Sam, we literally went to hell and came back with the #Winchester bros.), so, this is the best time to write this article.

So, who are we, Hunters or Investigators?

It is easier for the common man to understand the term Ghost Hunter, but we are not hunters, we are investigators, we research and investigate the paranormal (just as the cops, who go to a crime scene and gather evidence of the crime) and there are a lot of legalities involved. When we go to a reportedly active (haunted) location, we only try to gather evidence if the place is haunted or not. There is a difference.

So what we do is, is a lot of research about the history of the place and speak to people about the experiences they have had and on the basis of our research, we go to a location and investigate. For a paranormal investigator, like I said there are a lot of legalities and paperwork to deal with. First of all, we have to take permission from the owners and from then on build a relationship with them, make them comfortable with us so they can open up and talk about the experiences. We need to make them understand that we are there to help them over and over again and find out the truth for them whether it is actually paranormal or if there is a perfectly logical explanation about what is happening at their place.

Ghost Hunters, on the other hand, do not take permission or do any kind of paperwork. They will usually go to places where they can enter freely, have an experience and leave. Or they may or may not have a lot of equipment on them. They ‘hunt’ for themselves and not with the intention of helping someone. They don’t have to deal with satisfying homeowners and giving them an explanation about whatever is happening.

For paranormal investigators, we have to take into consideration every aspect of a home and the people living there. What kind of relationship they have with each other? What is their mindset? What are the kind of emotions they going through? What are the kind of medications they are taking? So on and so forth. After gathering and analyzing all these aspects, then we can know how to deal with the situation and understand what exactly is happening. For the most part, handling the owner’s reactions, the sense of relief they get when you tell them their place is not haunted and helping them take control of their lives and homes, that is the best part about being a paranormal investigator. We educate people about the paranormal. What the movies show and what is reality are very very different.

**Ghost Hunters don’t have to deal with all these things**

Now your question to us will be, “if you call yourselves investigators, are hunters real, do they exist?” Well, I don’t know if there are hunters out there. If there are I would love to meet them. But if you are talking about hunters like my favorite brothers on TV, then I really hope there are hunters like the Winchesters, because I would love to go out on a ‘hunt’ with them.

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