Paranormal and Spirituality

Paranormal and Spirituality

What is the co-relation between paranormal and spirituality and how are they connected.

What is Paranormal?

The word Paranormal has been in the English language since at least 1920. It was derived from two words Para and Normal. The word paranormal is described as anything that is beyond or contrary to what is deemed scientifically possible. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is the ‘normal’ part of the word and ‘para’ makes up the above, beyond, besides, contrary, or against part of the meaning.

Today not only ghosts and spirits are considered paranormal but everything that falls into the category of beyond normal phenomena is considered paranormal. That includes UFOs, Aliens, Demons, Ghosts, Cryptids, etc. 

What is Spirituality?

There are many different ways in which Spirituality can be defined. Spirituality is unique to every individual.

In the wider sense, Spirituality can be defined as a way of life that is based on the belief that there is more to life than what we see, there is more to the universe than what we know of, more to our consciousness than what happens in our brain and definitely more to our existence. It is a belief in a higher form. It is also believed to be life after death.

For some people, spirituality is the search or finding a meaning to life, to finding a direction and a purpose. It is the need to be aligned with the universe or something higher than us.

For some, spirituality is to find a connection, being one with the universe, connecting with divine power, and experiencing unconditional love.

For some, it is to find answers as to who we are and why are we here? To learn about ourselves, and how the universe works.

For some, it simply means overcoming pain, suffering, and find peace and happiness.

For some, it is to reach enlightenment, to transcend from our human condition to transcend from our ego, to transcend from all suffering and move to the state of experiencing ultimate peace.

For some, it is the urge to learn the mysteries of life and diving deep into our consciousness and exploring it.

For some, it means to make a difference in their life by helping humanity.

Spirituality has a different meaning for different people.

Spirituality in a sense is the connection to something that is bigger than us. It involves the realization that the greater whole of which we are a part of is divine and cosmic in nature.

How are Paranormal and Spirituality connected?

For some of us, we believe that the paranormal is directly related to spirituality. Because what are we dealing with in the paranormal? We are communicating and connecting with the spirit world, a different realm, a different dimension than what we are in, trying to understand what is on the other side. Isn’t that what spirituality is, trying to connect to a different dimension, a higher power, higher than ourselves.

Psychic Mediums, tarot readers, people who practice voodoo and hoodoo, how are they getting their messages, I believe they are all tapping into some form of spirituality and are connecting to the spiritual world.

As paranormal investigators, there is no doubt we believe that the souls of the dead are walking among us and are able to communicate with us. And sometimes people who are sensitive can pick up on their presence and can feel them. Some people are born with this gift, whereas for some, they develop it by digging deep into themselves and exploring their spiritual side to align themselves with the universe.

Spirituality is being aware of higher energy or spirit that not only exists within us but also within the parameters of the physical world.

We are but a soul and a spurt of energy and we are all trying to get connected to the universe.

If spirituality is about opening up ourselves to the universe and receiving messages from a high power or a spirit, isn’t that not what paranormal investigations are all about; opening ourselves to receive messages from the spirit world.

For many paranormal investigators, a paranormal investigation is like a spiritual practice, and all the methods, the motive, and the meaning behind it are all instilled with spiritual significance.

Most Paranormal investigators are motivated. They want to make contact with the afterlife, or the spirit realm, or as we simply put it the other side. In all of our investigations, we make use of scientific tools, our own senses, and sometimes even the abilities of a medium. Using all these tools we try to communicate with what we call ghosts or spirits or entities or consciousness.

May-a-times while I am at an investigation, I call upon my guardian angels to keep me protected. For me, that is asking help from a spiritual being from the spiritual realm. I always carry Holy Water and Holy Oil and wear my Rosary around my neck for protection.

We use cleansing rituals to prevent spirits from attaching to us and following us home. These are all, from my perspective, all a part of spirituality. Opening and Closing portals between our realm and the spiritual realm is once again a part of connecting to the other side.

Whether we use scientific gadgets or use our senses during a paranormal investigation, both of these approaches are a way to connecting and contacting the spirit realm.

In conclusion, Paranormal investigations are a spiritual practice, where we are connecting to and are becoming aware of the reality that is beyond this world, something which is divine. Some who are in this field are already spiritual in nature, while those who do not hold any kind of spiritual belief eventually do experience spirituality through investigating the paranormal.

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